We spent yesterday as a day off at Lake Atitlan visiting churches and buying souvenirs. The most impact was visiting Santiago Atitlan where a local priest was martyred for providing sanctuary to the Indigenous Mayans who were being massacred from 1960’s to 1990’s. We also visited the towns of Panajachel, San Antonia and Santa Caterina. We saw women using back strap looms and people making pottery. It was a nice break and we came back ready to finish our various projects.

Chris has been a huge help in helping solve various problems with both the roof project and the hydro electric project. I’ll Try to get at least one more blog done before we head home.

Take Care and God Bless.


We went to the coffee fields on Monday and it was beautiful. Harvest is in December and January so they were done with harvest. They gave us a gift of lemons and limes which they also grow on the plantation to help with nutrition. The Wujeks unfortunately missed the coffee fields as they left for Novillero to work with Dr. Jose Miguel for the week.

One of the locals brought us a beef tongue soup which was actually delicious. It was especially generous of him as the people here generally only eat meat two or three times a year. Dr. Sharkey and his hygienist, Christy, have been in the local schools teaching tooth brushing and the rest of us are working around the Marian Center.


gblog-1Internet access is shakey. We have started the doors of the Marian Center yesterday and will have quite a bit more time needed to finish. We had lunch with the sisters in Navillero on Fri and stopped at the Preschool and met the teacher whose salary we support. The photo attached is the teacher and caretaker with Joe Wujek. While staying in the Marian Center, we are able to pick avocadoes and limes right off the trees and are picking some for the parish here to raise money. I´d better close as I am at an internet cafe and it´s costing.